A deer was saved!

12 Aug 2008
Posted by stylesen
Today at around 22:40 hrs I went out to empty my dustbin. When I was about to cross the road near my house, an ambassador car was rushing towards me, and I just crossed the road. While I was throwing away the packets, I turned to see that the car skidded and went out of control, when it hit a deer which was crossing the road. There were 2 to 3 deers crossing the road at that time, and one was hit by the car. The car driver didn't had courtesy to get down and see the injured deer, he just took the car after stopping for 20 seconds (may be recognizing that he has hit a deer and not a calf which will definitely create problems). The deer was hit at its front legs and collapsed in the road. I rushed near it, when some of my neighbors came closer. We saw that the deer was alive and couldn't stand up due to its injured front legs. I dragged the injured deer to the side of the road. These deers are an usual site near my house. They visit the nearby lake from Raj Bhavan and IITM campus. I rushed into my room and took my mobile phone and got the numbers of Blue Cross from Just dial enquiry. They gave me 5 numbers, but 3 out of the 5 was not correct. The rest 2 of them were busy. Still the deer was fighting for its life. Then one of my neighbors suggested to call the police, then I dialed "100" and informed them regarding the injured deer, they asked about the area where it happened and I explained. After that I called up Guindy J3 police station, for which one of my neighbors had the number. They gave me a number to contact the Velachery Police station so that they can come quickly. Before I could call Velachery Police station a Police Patrol Bolero Jeep (due to calling 100) came within 3 minutes with a lady SI and a constable to the spot. They asked four of us to help carrying the deer inside the vehicle. We did and one among four of us went into the vehicle to hold the deer. Then they assured that the deer will be taken care, and they rushed to the nearest Blue Cross center for admitting the deer. The pathetic part was, the deer was carrying :( due to which all of us were worrying a lot to save it. I hope it gets well soon.

thank you

very nice deed . You have patience .
continue the same all your life time .

Very nice deed! :) I hope

Very nice deed! :) I hope the deer gets well soon.

Good work!!!

Good work da senthil... When i started reading the blog... I thought you writing about some dream because i doubted when deer would come from. But finally, understood the things happened. You really made a good work :)