A movie which created waves deep in my heart - "Mozhi"

01 Apr 2007
Posted by stylesen

After a long time I saw a very good movie "Mozhi". I am not good at writing movie reviews, but I felt I should write about this movie since it has created a wave deep inside my heart. I have come across a lot of characters in my life, this movie made me to look back and take a review of these characters.

Long back when I was doing my seventh standard, myself along with three of my school mates did a project called "Care For the Uncared". I don't even have traces of the project report or the findings with me, but those memories still remain pleasant in my heart. We used to go to a lot of orphanges, spastic schools, old age homes, schools for the disabled, etc and even went to the roads interviewing the difficulties of the poor people. I did not know what is the cause for all these things but, I think at a later part of my life these experiences which I had with such people are going to help me. These things flashed my mind when I was watching that movie. Myself and Arun Ponniah (my room-mate and senior) watched this movie together. When they introduced Jothika, Arun was telling that she may be deaf and dumb, suddenly I remembered that the description deaf and dumb was inappropriate. When we were collecting information about such kind of people in one of the schools for disabled in a village near Trichy way back in 1996, we happen to meet the headmaster or the principal of that school. We had a chat with her regarding the difficulties these students face and things like that, during our conversation, we used "deaf and dumb" to describe these students. The headmaster of that school corrected us by saying not to call them "dumb", because usually a dumb person is the one who is foolish or stupid, but she told us these students are not fools, they have a sound knowledge and they have some disabilities. She asked us to call a person who has difficulty in speaking as "mute" and not as "dumb". So the correct term is "Deaf and Mute". These things rolled at the back of my mind when I saw the movie.

Another character in the movie which impressed me very much was the "Professor". He is a mentally disturbed guy due to some bad happenings in his life. I myself have personal and close experience in my life with such a person and he is very closely associated with me. I thought about him when I saw that character and I unknowingly cried for him inside my heart. I failed to spend most of the time with him in my life and I felt I should not repeat it again. We need to be kind with such people so that we ll make them happy and they ll feel that someone is there for them.

One of the dreadful disease or a disorder which a human should never face in his life is "to forget about one's self". I ve had a lot of experience with such people. Once they have become like that, whoever he may be, how much he is educated and respectable the world does not care about that, people will start mock at them and add to their agony. Its all the surrounding and the environment around a human which makes him like that. Even unknowingly in our life we should not account for causing such a damage to any person, which is equivalent to murder him.

I thought about a lot of people whom I have met in my life with such kind of disabilities and goes unnoticed. Indeed I was able to recollect all the places which I visited, like Spastic Society of India (Chennai), Arivalayam, the old age home at Kattur, the deaf and mute school at Uraiyur (if I remember correctly), and many more. I felt that I should do something for these kind of people at some point of time in my life. I don't know whether the project and the study which I did in my seventh standard was a starting point for me to understand the life of these "Special" people. This movie made me realize and think about these people after a long time. Once I get the bandwidth to do something, I ll surely pitch in and contribute.

I too like that film very

I too like that film very much na..
A light feather like film with no violence..
U r gr8 to have such a service mind and pleasing heart na

Yes of course!

It was a nice movie, nice screenplay. Thank you for your encouraging words :)

Great thoughts

A really great post. I pray to the almighty that you must be bestowed with all resources to be able to help all the needful. I am indeed proud and blesed to have such a great soul as a senior.. please continue your service to mankind.

Encouraging words

Thank you for your encouraging words which keeps me going :)


Nice to know that these special people should be called as Mute and n't as dumb.The Professor character made a deep impression on me.