Accident and the time has come!

27 Dec 2007
Posted by stylesen
Last week thursday ie., 20-12-2007, I met with an accident near Velachery Rathna Cafe hotel, while I was returning home from work. I escaped with some scratches on my palm and legs. This is the third time something like this is happening after I ve come to Chennai within 3 months time, out of which this time the scratches were a bit big. I am driving bikes for the past 10 years nearly, but haven't met with even a single accident or like in the past! I even have experiences driving with high speeds in the TamilNadu National Highways, and lots of non-stop long journey's. In the past I had a very old Bajaj Chetak (older than me) which thought me most of the intricacies of driving. I am having my bike TVS Max 100R from my second year of college, and this is one of the most precious things I value in my life. This bike had seen all the places where I ve stayed more than a weeks time, except Bangalore. Now am forced to give away this bike :( because of my parents and well wishers. My uncle had this bike for a month, and during that time, he met with a serious accident, from that time everyone in my family asked to give away this bike, since it is not worth having the bike after that accident. But I refused to do so with the reasoning that this bike may be "unlucky for others but not for me" and took the bike along with me to college and enjoyed riding in it. But this time after the series of accidents I saw with this bike, I am forced to switch over. At some point of time we need to depart from our loved ones for various reasons! Anxiously waiting for the next adventurous beast (two or four wheels is still under consideration) in my life!

:( , that's unfortunate

:( , that's unfortunate buddy! Anyways, move on.