December 2004

Gtk 2.0 Reference

07 Dec 2004
Posted by Senthil Kumaran.S

Posted by Senthil Kumaran.S

Today i attended the GLUGOT (GNU/Linux User Groups of TCE) meeting. My seniors took a very good seminar on PThreads. Balamurugan my senior gave an introduction on Pthreads and explained abt all the functions to create threads and all the fundas. Arun Ponnaih gave a talk on other functions in handling a thread. This gave me an oppotunity to know more abt Thread Handling. My junior Sriram was shooting up questions during the session and the two speakers along with joe were explaining the concepts to him.
After the session got over Sap thought me to program in gtk+ and glade. I had some doubts in glade i clarified those things with him. Then we all went to our hostel mess to have our lunch.

Posted by Senthil Kumaran.S

Hey folks !!! am very happy that our team got the second place in Project Management this time. It was conduted as a part of our department association activities. Last time we worked as a team of four and got the second place, in which the topic was "Prevention of Road Accidents". Last time the team members were Saravanan, Shyam Prasad, Rebecca Lavanya and myself.

This time it was really cool.The topic was "Underground Airport" for prelims and "Collision Detection" in the finals. At first Shyam didnt want to get into it, since the penguins ie the girls of tt joined as a separate team and contested. But we convinced Shyam to get through and we managed to get second place. The first place went ot the girls of tt. In our team we were five members and each one of were assigned a separate module. We named our pm as SCACS (Surveillance and Collision Avoidance Control Systems).