Back again with Debian

28 Oct 2006
Posted by stylesen

So after a long time (4 months) I ve started working with my favourite disto again! Yeah its Debian now, but this time its "etch" and not "sarge". I tried Ubuntu Dapper Drake in the intermediate time. The primary reason which kept me away from Debian these days is my laptop HP Compaq nx6110 which had a Broadcom bcm4318 card which did not have any free drivers and firmware. Hence I was desparately searching for a solution to get my wireless card working, since both in office and home I have wireless connectivity.

At last today I figured out how to configure the wireless card, of course in Debian etch. Unfortunately I got it working using Windoze drivers. Now am eagerly waiting for the stable release of Etch in December.

I'm doing the same thing.

I've been using ubuntu also for about 4 months, but I'm going back to Debian with the release of etch. I had the same wireless card on a compaq and installed the windows driver on a Debian notebook about 8 months ago. I stated using ubuntu for no good reason really - I was just using sid and I wanted more features than sarge and wasn't prepared to keep beta testing with etch.