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A deer was saved!

12 Aug 2008
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Today at around 22:40 hrs I went out to empty my dustbin. When I was about to cross the road near my house, an ambassador car was rushing towards me, and I just crossed the road. While I was throwing away the packets, I turned to see that the car skidded and went out of control, when it hit a deer which was crossing the road. There were 2 to 3 deers crossing the road at that time, and one was hit by the car. The car driver didn't had courtesy to get down and see the injured deer, he just took the car after stopping for 20 seconds (may be recognizing that he has hit a deer and not a calf which will definitely create problems).
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In machines where we have two interfaces say eth0 and eth1, for which you have specified static ip in /etc/network/interfaces, after a reboot the static ip which we have assigned gets screwed among these interfaces ie., the physical interfaces to which eth0 and eth1 must be mapped may change after a reboot, which creates problem when both these networks are entirely different in your servers. This happens with Debian etch. The following could be done in order to overcome this. In your /etc/network/interfaces give names like eth-pvt, eth-pub, eth-dep, etc and assign the static ip addresses.
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A couple of months back Joe Steeve asked me to upgrade the GLUG-Madurai website from an older Drupal version (4.6.x) to something new. I tried for a couple of days when he told, and thought it will consume more time due to some incompatibilities I found with the modules like 'frontpage' used in that website, hence I stopped there. Last week when the FStival work started in full swing we wanted to make the announcements for the event and thought that the website is too outdated, which ultimately pushed me to do this work. Hence I started upgrading the site from Drupal 4.6.x to the latest 6.3 version. I took the following path in order to make the upgradation smooth (Those are drupal versions):
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Posted by stylesen
I happen to hear this song often when I drive to office and back home in radiocity. This song got my attention and at last I got this song today. Now I ve loaded it in my mobile (my primary walkman device) and all the harddisks I have :) Such a nice song, hats off to RadioCity Sulaba whose voice creates a new feeling. Here is the lyrics of this song.

என்னம்மா தோழி பொம்மைய காணோம்
நான் என்ன செய்ய போறேன்            (2)

தலவாரி பிண்ணி பூக்கள் வைத்து
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This document explains the step by step procedure in configuring SSL based apache server (https) which servers subversion repositories and authenticates the clients using a PKCS#12 ( based certificate provided by the client, when challenged by the server.

Components required

- apache 2.0 or greater - openssl 0.9 or greater

Compiling apache

 ./configure --prefix=/usr/local/httpd-2.2.9 --enable-ssl
 --enable-dav=shared --enable-dav-fs=shared --enable-dav-lock=shared

Create certificate authority