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Linaro Automated Validation Architecture popularly called LAVA is composed of different components. One of the core components in the LAVA framework is the lava-server component. LAVA developers in the recent past made sure that lava-server's unit tests are working properly and relevant to current code base. As a developer of LAVA I hit this issue everytime I want to run unit tests for lava-server (when I switch environments), mainly due to postgresql dependency. Following are stuff you need to setup in order to run unit tests in LAVA. (Do not do this production deployment, only recommended for dev mode deployments)

lava-master is the default postgresql user created for administering LAVA related databases. In order to run unit tests, the default postgresql user of LAVA should have permissions to create and drop databases. The test database created by LAVA unit test is called 'test_lava-master'. The 'lava-master' user creates and destroys this 'test_lava-master' database each time the unit tests are run. You must be 'root' user in order to perform the following operations:

Bloody! First time

19 Jan 2014
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Like everyone in this world I was very tensed before I attempted it! I had varied feelings and the biggest question was, whether it is good or bad? right or wrong? That is the feeling we get usually when we do things for the first time. If it was something else, I wouldn't have had so many questions in my mind. But this is something related to life, relationships, health issues, etc ... Will I get health problems if I do this? Will it give me pleasure and satisfaction? What if, if everybody comes to know about this? Will they take it in the right sense? With too many confusions I went there.

The hospitality was good, I was received with a smile! Though I had fears deep within me, I just acted as if I am ok. I was scanned by a person from the opposite sex from top to bottom. I was asked the reason why am I doing this today? I gave satisfying answer I guess. I was given permission to get in.

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This is something very personal and I want the world to know about what is happening in my life! I used to stare at women like these during my college days. Initially I thought they were very beautiful and I wanted to stay away from them. Though, as every man has an instinct to spend a life with such a kind of woman I had my thoughts deep inside me, to have someone like one of them. During college there was at least 10 women inside our college premises, with whom I used to hook around occasionally. After finishing college I used to have many chicks who were slim, beautiful (and you know what) with whom I ve spent a lot of time, but still I missed those kinda women in life.

Visited Prema Vasam

20 Mar 2013
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This year on the special day that is February 25th I visted Prema Vasam which is a school for the specially abled located in Gerugambakkam near Porur in Chennai. I went to the school at around 4pm along with my brother Yogeshwaran and donated a small amount for the students of the school. I also managed to spend sometime in the school with children (I could not hold more than 30 minutes in the school, since I had mixed thoughts and want to leave after sometime).

Before I visited the school I had an impression that it is a very small school that holds 6 to 7 students, but reality was different when I went there. I was very upset that there were around 100+ students in the school. I was very happy about Prema Vasam's management which was able to handle all the students and they do it as a service. Folks in Prema Vasam should continue to do this good work in future too and my sincere support will always be there!

Prema Vasam visit pics

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add-apt-repository is a command which allows us to add a new repository link to the apt sources ie., /etc/apt/sources.lst file. This is very handy in order to add PPA archives. The advantage of using this command is, it will automatically import the gpg public key of the repository and registers it.

In Ubuntu version 12.10 ie., Quantal this command is not part of 'python-software-properties' package, like the previous ubuntu versions, but available in 'software-properties-common'. In order to install add-apt-repository in 12.10, we must install the package 'software-properties-common' as follows:

$ sudo aptitude install software-properties-common

To find in which package the command we are looking for exists the following will be of help:

$ sudo apt-file update

$ sudo apt-file search add-apt-repository

NOTE: The above commands assume 'apt-file' is already installed in your system.

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I attended Ubuntu Developer Summit (UDS) last week in Copenhagen, Denmark. This is the first time I was attending such an event.

One of the best things happened was my interaction with Mark Shuttleworth during UDS. A picture talks a lot than words :)

Stylesen with Mark Shuttleworth

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It is possible to shell into the application space of OpenShift Express environment. This is a powerful feature which gives us full control if we are a command line junkie! If we have uploaded the public key from our current machine to in our account, then we can do a password-less login to the application shell.

Open your application and view details in which will contain the git repository url which will look like the following:

Copy the above which will act as our ssh string to connect. In order to connect via ssh use the following command which is derived from the above URL: