Bloody! First time

19 Jan 2014
Posted by stylesen

Like everyone in this world I was very tensed before I attempted it! I had varied feelings and the biggest question was, whether it is good or bad? right or wrong? That is the feeling we get usually when we do things for the first time. If it was something else, I wouldn't have had so many questions in my mind. But this is something related to life, relationships, health issues, etc ... Will I get health problems if I do this? Will it give me pleasure and satisfaction? What if, if everybody comes to know about this? Will they take it in the right sense? With too many confusions I went there.

The hospitality was good, I was received with a smile! Though I had fears deep within me, I just acted as if I am ok. I was scanned by a person from the opposite sex from top to bottom. I was asked the reason why am I doing this today? I gave satisfying answer I guess. I was given permission to get in.

Then what happened was a series of tests to confirm that I am eligible to donate blood :) I was given a form to fill up my details. Once the procedures were over, a small needle pinched one of my veins and before I could realize blood was taken out of my body, everything was over. They gave me a canned mango juice and I was having a sense of satisfaction :) That is what I expected and all my fears had gone after donating blood for the first time in my life. I was also explained, how sterilized the equipments that were used. Definitely I plan to donate blood after 3 months. Since I belong to the universal donor blood group, am sure it will save more lives.

Inspiration is everything. I am a strong believer that each and every person we meet on a day to day basis have something to tell us and inspire us. The inspiration could be good or bad, but we must decide what to take and what not. Indirectly my brother Yogeshwaran inspired me for donating blood, who is a regular donor for the past many years. This is a good inspiration I wanted to follow. Hope this blog post can serve as a good inspiration to at least one human being who gets the thought of donating blood and saving lives. I donated my blood yesterday at Jeevan Blood Bank and Research Centre.

Thank you for donating!

Donating blood is such a generous and selfless act, and it really only takes about an hour, all things considered. Even better that you're in the universal group -- O-negative blood tends to run in short supply since it's in such high demand. Thank you for your dedication to saving lives!