Chennai Book Fair 2010

04 Jan 2010
Posted by stylesen

Last Thursday (31-dec-2009), I went to Chennai Book Fair 2010 along with Kamesh We went in the evening around 5:00pm. When I started, I didn't want to take my car since I thought there wont be any space for parking in such a big Book Fair which hosts 600 stalls. But my thought was wrong, the venue was lot bigger to accomodate the crowd. This is the second time I am visiting such a book fair, after the one in 2006 at Bangalore.

I was happy to see lot of publishers in the book fair and varied collections of books. Specially I was attracted by Thanjavur University and Madras University stalls where they had some rare collection of Tamil Research books. Though I intend to buy them, I reserve it for some time later, since it will be too much for my reading apetite right now. My main objective of this trip was to get on to New Horizon Media stall, for getting lots of books! I did get into the stall and picked almost 6 to 7 books, when Kamesh came with 10 to 12 books and asked me to drop some books which he already got in his home, which left me with 1 book at hand :( I really do not want to borrow books from people (I did when I was in school, when I didn had much money left in hand to buy books, but now things have changed), since I want to have a collection of all the books I read and also have this feeling of paying my part back to the authors. Though I didn't buy those books I picked in the stall, except a book on "Charlie Chaplin" by N. Chokkan, I intend to get all those books which I wanted to read in order to save a copy in my book shelf soon :)

I went to higginbothams stall where I picked up two books. One by Gobinath and other by my favourite author Vairamuthu. I ve read all books written by Vairamuthu till date (which I consider as my achievement!) except for "Karuvachi Kaaviyam" and "Kalli Kaatu Ithigasam" which I plan to read shortly.

These are some of things I want people to know about my book reading habbits:

  1. I do not want to borrow books from people, since I want to read that book and have a copy of it in my book shelf!
  2. I do not want to Lend books to people. Because I ve given books to a lot of people who just get it from me and then later do not give it back (I experienced this with lot of my juniors), moreover they dont even open those books ;(
  3. When someone gets books from me for reading, I have some strict restrictions as follows:
  • Do not keep pen, pencil, etc as bookmarks inside the book.
  • Do not fold the book into half, to just focus on the page which they are reading.
  • Do not fold at the corner to mark the last read page.
  • Do not Scribble or underline important quotes in the book.
  • And lot more "Do nots"...

NOTE: 3) applies only if you manage to get some books from me! Of course, occasionally I get books from library even today, but I follow 3)

If you are a book lover, don't miss 33rd Chennai Book Fair which is closing on 10th Jan, 2010. See this and this link for details.

is point 3 'do not fold

is point 3 'do not fold corner' or is it 'do fold cormer'?

Kenneth, thanks for your observation!

Thanks for your observation Kenneth. I ve made the necessary changes. In 3) all are "Do nots" :)