Compiling subversion with KWallet support in Ubuntu

10 Apr 2009
Posted by stylesen
Subversion 1.6 supports caching of user passwords/passphrases in encrypted form using KWallet. I tried to get a feel of this feature, so started compiling the subversion sources with KWallet support. The following assume you already have kde desktop packages installed in your ubuntu/debian box. In order to get KWallet support in subversion we need to pass "--with-kwallet" option to the configure script. While configuring subversion if you get the following error
checking whether to look for KWallet... yes
checking for QtCore, QtDBus, QtGui... yes
checking for kde4-config... yes
checking for KWallet... no
configure: error: cannot find KWallet
then install the kde development packages in ubuntu/debian as follows:
$ sudo apt-get install kde-devel kde-devel-extras
Now everything is fine, just "make; make install", then you ll have KWallet support in your subversion. NOTE: KWallet support in subversion 1.6 only works with KDE >= 4.0

Understanding Kwallet is so

Understanding Kwallet is so hard for me man. And using it with subversion is much more hard. Thanks for your advices though, but I hardly understand anything here.. Maybe it is because I have Ubuntu installed for only few weeks. I will try to read your blog and learn. Thanks one more time for your efforts.


Matt Johansson from software application development

Compiling subversion with KWallet

I was compiling subversion with kwallet support and getting some error. Your post was very helpful,  I extremely appreciate it and subversion compling guide was incredibly useful. Regards, Allison from Web Development company.