Completed Master of Science @ BITS, Pilani

20 Oct 2010
Posted by stylesen

Back in 2008 I started my Master of Science course in Birla Institue of Technology and Science (BITS), Pilani. Last semester I completed all my papers related to my course work. This semester I had my dissertation which I completed a couple of weeks back.

I gave dissertation viva voce yesterday ie., 19-oct-2010 to Mr. Kiran D. C who was interested in Subversion and asked many related questions about my dissertation work. My dissertation was based on Subversion titled "GPG-agent based secure password cache for Subversion Version Control System". As of now this work is maintained as a separate branch (gpg-agent-password-store) in apache subversion project repository. Though the branch is in working condition and does the intended job, there are many more changes planned before merging the branch back to trunk.

I specially thank my Supervisor from CollabNet Software Private Limited Mr. Karthikeyakannan Swaminathan (Senior Director - Engineering) and my additional examiner Mr. Kamesh Jayachandran (Manager Development - Subversion Engineering), who guided me and reviewed every bit of the work which I did as a part of my MS programme. Also, I thank my colleagues in CollabNet and the Subversion community without whose support my dissertation work wouldn't have been a success.

A copy of my dissertation report and my final viva voce presentation is available as attachements to this post (report and presentation were created using Latex and Latex-beamer respectively, email me for the sources).

The idea was based on a patch provided by Dan Engel in 2009 to the subversion mailing list.

NOTE: Since the work is done and dedicated to the apache subversion community with Apache 2.0 license there is no violation in publishing my work here, Though improvements are accepted :) However reproducing the work, report, etc in its entirity by students of any kind for academic purposes is an offense and may be punishable by the respective University under the act of plagiarism.

UPDATE: Due to many requests for the dissertation latex sources, I ve attached the same in this post. For details on making a presentation in latex refer my post here -

senthil-bits-dissertation.pdf247.64 KB
senthil_bits_dissertation_presentation.pdf134.63 KB
stylesen-msthesis.tar_.gz67.03 KB

Thank you !!

  I am in third semister as on now, was looking forward for any existing projects. I am thankful to you for posting it online. which gives a idea of how the project would be...
Thank you
 -  Avinash Jayaram

pls share viva experience

Hi Senthil,I have viva @ Bits hyderabad next month. I am doing project on memory allocators for Linux OS. can you share your viva experience, what kind of questions do they ask. do they ask for demo, for my research work i need high end hardware servers. 

I want to know about your viva

Hi ,
I have my viva in the first week of April, appreciate if you mail me the
details about the process of viva and what type of questions asked to you? is only regarding to subject of dissertaion or from anywhere, is it very hard ? Thanks..

Rg Dissertaion report and viva

Could you please give me the mid sem report and share me your viva minutes?

Latex Presentation.

I was hoping to get the latex version of your dissertation.  I am also pursuing my dissertation this semester from bits pilani. Looking for the styles and templates for creation of my report.
Thanks in Advance,
Saurabh Arora

Rgd MS viva at Pilani

He friend,
Thanks for sharing the details. It would be great if you could share how did your viva go..was it very tough many people were there for the presentation and viva  ...I have my viva on next week..can u please reply to my email


Hello Binesh,
I replied to your email address.

I also want to know about your viva

Hi ,
I also have my Viva in the last week of november. can you mail me the details too, about how many people took your viva and how it was, and how long it took.

Have Viva in BITS,Pilani on 18th Nov'10

Hi Deepti,
I am having my viva on 18th Nov'2010 in BITS,Pilani. What is your viva date?
I will appreciate if someone (who finished viva by now) give inputs/information regarding it,my email id is
Thank you.

hi senthil,I have viva on nov

hi senthil,I have viva on nov 22ndbit they ask u to write pgm.. hows ur viva..pls mail me. thanks,Sangeetha.S