Conducted free software workshop in Kalasalingam University

27 Sep 2010
Posted by stylesen

Last weekend ie., 25 September 2010, myself along with Mr. Joe Steeve conducted a one day workshop on Free Software Technologies at Kalasalingam University, Srivilliputhur which was organized by TIFAC-CORE in network engineering and Computer Science and Engineering Department of the University. In this workshop I explained about how free open source software development is done by the communities with insight on how to get involved. Also in the afternoon session we took a look at the alternative dev and day to day tools that could be used by students in order to work with Free Softwares. 

We had a total of 81 students from final and pre-final years of Computer Science department and there were folks from M. Tech and MCA departments. The session was interactive and I enjoyed a lot with the questions from the audience.

My sincere thanks to Prof. Dr. K. Sundar, Director/Head Corporate Relations and Prof. Sudhakar Gummadi, Project Director TIFAC-CORE in Network Engineering who were instrumental in organizing this workshop for the benefit of the students.

For presentation slides, see attachment below.

foss_dev_tools.pdf143.82 KB
foss_for_students.pdf111.34 KB