Damn Simple Linux - linux for you - Jan 2010

11 Feb 2010
Posted by stylesen

damn simple linux LFY article cover

An article on customizing Damn Small Linux, which I wrote for Linux For You magazine and got published in January 2010 issue.

A gist from the article is follows, you can download the entire article from the attachment to this post,

There's an old unused computer at home that doesn't have a great hardware profile—a Pentium II processor with 64 MB of RAM. I wanted to use this computer meaningfully, and hence came up with this idea of customising Damn Small Linux (DSL), a small GNU/Linux distribution that can work with minimal hardware. The users of this system were my parents, who know very little about computers and merely wanted a simple interface to browse the Web and check e-mails. I decided to make the system as simple as possible so that anyone could switch it on and start using it.

Here are the requirements specifications:

  1. Use low-profile hardware
  2. Quick booting
  3. Show my name during start up :-)
  4. Should not require entering a user name and password to log in to the system
  5. Show the Web browser with some URL, as default

See attachment below to download the complete article in pdf.

damn_simple_linux.pdf465.78 KB