Dangerous Dave in GNU/Linux

13 Feb 2008
Posted by stylesen

Thanks to krish (mukt.in) who gave me a hint on playing dos games inside a GNU/Linux box. Now am able to play Dangerous Dave in my Debian Etch box with the help of 'dosbox'.

I ve played this game in my 6th standard in the school computer labs. This was the first game which attracted me, and still today am very fond of this game. Some of the other games I would love to play are Prince of Persia, Pacman. But I don't want to use 'Doze' for playing these games. 'dosbox' is the best alternative, to play these games I guess.

See a screenshot in the attachment.

dave-dosbox.png140.38 KB

:)   So, you still play

:)   So, you still play Dave? 

Of course I do

Yes I still play dave occasionally.

Wow this game is awesome. I

Wow this game is awesome. I have never thought that there is an ability to play games in Dos mode. Now I will be able to have a rest from my work at least for 10 minutes playing this game on Linux. Thanks for publishing it here and I will be waiting for more nice news from you in the nearest future.


Mike Trunton

my fav game too

thanks anna for remaining Dave!(played in 9 std)
i have heard of dosbox but never tried ..here is nice chance :-)
snap @ Hardy Heron..1up

I am a John Romero Fan !

I am the maintainer of the opensolaris dosbox port. Guess why :-)


So your main part of maintaining goes in testing all the available games in dosbox ;)