Debian 6.0 (Squeeze) work out of the box with USB sticks

15 Feb 2011
Posted by stylesen

Gone are those days when we want to boot a downloaded ISO image from an USB stick, we need to perform lot of black box operation in order to put/align things in the USB stick so that it could be made bootable.

I didn't follow the Debian stuff for a long time though I use Debian in all my machines. Surprisingly last week we had the much awaited release of Debian 6.0 (squeeze) and I was over joyed on seeing that! I was longing for that.

With the new release of Debian 6.0 we need not do any special things in order to create a bootable USB stick of the Debian ISO. Just a plain 'dd' of the ISO will do the magic. For a long time in order to create a bootable USB stick we had to depend on tools like usb-creator both for Ubuntu or Debian, but now things are pretty easy and straight forward. I am not sure whether this works for Ubuntu yet, may be the next release 11.04 will have such a feature, but as of Debian 6.0 it works.

If you want to have a bootable USB stick all you need to do is download the ISO image CD/DVD from the internet ( and then use the following command,

$ dd if=debian-wheezy-testing-i386-CD-1.iso of=/dev/sdb

NOTE: use the device in which your USB drive is visible, for me it was on '/dev/sdb' YMMV.

I think I am gonna get back to debian

:-/ The past couple of days I've been having this weird giddy feeling.. Like 'lost love' types.. :-/ 

Welcome back Joe

We have an addiction which will prevent us to enter other islands ;)

Its been a long time since I

Its been a long time since I used had Debian in my laptop. Will try this out!

another way

simple way:
cat debian.iso > /dev/sdb
(as documented in debian manual.)

Debian installation

I had some issues with installing Debian on the PC. Its installation is not really as simple as ubuntu. I guess they can really do a more decent job with respect to the installed they have.

That's because of

That's because of differentuser base. Ubuntu is a beginner distro and they don't expect you to have any prior Linux knowledge. Debian is a distro targeting primarily experianced server users.