Debian Package for gnome-subtitles

08 Feb 2007
Posted by stylesen
This is one of the happiest moments of my life. It was a long time dream of mine which came true today. I ve become the offcial Debian package maintainer for gnome-subtitles . Gnome Subtitles is a subtitle editor for the GNOME Desktop. It supports the most common text-based subtitle formats and allows for subtitle editing, conversion and synchronization. Gnome subtitles is developed by Pedro Castro. I ve completed creating a .deb package for gnome-subtitles. Creating debian package is very easy. I came to know more things about how debian packages are made, what are the strict checks that Debian makes in order to make the packages adhere to Debian standards etc. It was a fun creating this package. First I feared that, will I be able to create this, since I have some experience in creating .rpm packages in my workplace. It is really tiresome job to write the spec file for rpms, it is a typical shell script. I have written some rpm specs in my company for packaging some components in our products and it is really a pain. But on the other hand when I plunged into creating a .deb package it appeared to be very simple and within 10 minutes I was able to create a deb package for a small sample application. In fact the control file in Debian is awesome which is very easy to create since it has very little number of parameters one can remember very easily. During my college days I have read a lot about creating Debian packages and the way the system work. I had not put serious effort to come up with a package. At last I have created a Debian package for gnome-subtitles which gave me an entry into the Debian world :) This package is complete now and available for all architectures which Debian support. Tiago Vaz (Debian QA person) has verified this package and is helping in the ITP (Intent to Package) process of Debian. I have put all my efforts to make sure that this package passes all the Debian standards check and it does :) Debian package is available for download from gnome-subtitles website You can also download this package from the links provided at the bottom of this blog entry. Yeah! my name is added in the credits list of gnome-subtitles -> Gnome Subtitles Credits What next? Yeah I ve already created my Debian package for GetEz :) Soon it will be avalialble in GetEz Website
gnome-subtitles_0.1_all.deb120.1 KB