Ennama Thozhi - Got attracted!

06 Jun 2008
Posted by stylesen
I happen to hear this song often when I drive to office and back home in radiocity. This song got my attention and at last I got this song today. Now I ve loaded it in my mobile (my primary walkman device) and all the harddisks I have :) Such a nice song, hats off to RadioCity Sulaba whose voice creates a new feeling. Here is the lyrics of this song.

என்னம்மா தோழி பொம்மைய காணோம்
நான் என்ன செய்ய போறேன்            (2)

தலவாரி பிண்ணி பூக்கள் வைத்து
புது சட்ட போட்டு விட்டேன்

ஐப்பசி மாசம் காவேரி ஸ்தானம்
பொம்மைய வாங்கி வந்தேன்

தாலாட்டு நான் பாட கண்மூட
மாட்டாயோ மறைந்த போதும்
மனதில் என்றும்
மலரோடு பேசும்
மழலை கீதம்

என்னம்மா தோழி பொம்மைய காணோம்
நான் என்ன செய்ய போறேன்            (2)

மரணமெல்லாம் வரம் கேட்டு
மறுஜென்மம் ஒன்றிருந்தால் மாறிவிடும்

முகம் மதியோ உடல் நதியோ
மெல்லிய கைவிரல்கள் புல்வெளியோ
காலை பொழுதெல்லாம் காத்திருக்கும்
இவள் விழி காணாமல் கலை இழக்கும்

என்னம்மா தோழி பொம்மைய காணோம்
நான் என்ன செய்ய போறேன்            (2)
Great song! Great Sulaba!


Hi buddy, I too heard this song on FM station & came hunting for the lyrics,zero downed here.. !

Many Thanks..!

ennama thozhi rocks

Hey Guys,

i personally feel very happy... its time v all (kaalaippani team) are workng on our next project... its almost ready to take off. few days back i got a call from one of my friend and she said that our Ennama Thozhi from Kaalaippani is rated 29th in the list of last years songs. and there were around 500 + film songs form 108 movies last year. i felt very happy. same evng i got a mail from another friend with a link. when i went to that blog, i was suprised. it was created by some girl named apparna from banglore and she liked the song so much and she had created this blog exclusivly for ennama thozhi lovers. and amazd reading some comments on it. it realy makes me and my team very happy and it also leaves us a note that we got to work more to atleast match our entire project with ennama thozhi. i thougt of writng this mail to you specialy because all your support had a count in our work. we as a team went through lots of tough times in making kaalaippani, all the supports and encouragmnt you gave us through out the project and till now, made us to forget the struggle we went through making KP and bounce back with our next project. even though kaalaippani did not do well as a commercial feature film, ennamma thozhi brought us many friends and fans. and this time i want to THANK YOU for your support and need it to our next project too. i also thank few of my friends and crew members who made ennama thozhi.

BINDHU MALINI, VEDHANTH ennama thozhi was derived from their orginal version, our basic inspiration for the song.

SULABHA rendered our voice for ennama thozhi. i still rembr the recordng done in Kalasa Studios. ennama thozhi was recorded (Voice) between 2 a.m. to 6.a.m. we callled in sulabha saying that we can finish the recording by 11 p.m. but it went on till next morning. She gave her best that day. Hard work of sulabha shows in the result of the song. And her voice.... u people have heared it already, nothing more to say... just amazing.

MUSICIANS all the musicians and the technical crew who helpd us in recording and mixing ennama thozhi in Kalasa Studios.

GOPI JAGADEESHWARAN cinematographer who helped me to visulze the song. we actualy planned to visualze the song in a different way and to visualze the whole song. it din happen because of various reasons.
SASIKUMAR lyric writer of ennama thozhi. Even though all other songs written by Mr. Pa. Vijay, myself and sathish thought of bringing in a new lyric writer for ennama thozhi. We thought it should have some fresh ideas. Any how the first four line of the song is already there. So he had to write the charanam in connection with the first lines and as well as with the script. Sasi gave us almost four pages of lyrics for the charanam composed by sathish. My self and sathish selected the lyrics out from that bunch. My favorite lyrics in the song is the first four lines and the charanam… mugam madhiyo udal nadhiyo melliyae kai viralgal pulveliyo, kaalaipozhudhellam kaathirukum ival vizhi kaanaamal kalai izhakum… this describes the heroine character in the movie.

last but not the least SATHISH RAMALINGAM music director of kaalaippani, the composer of ennama thozhi. who did a great job by recreating ennamathozhi but not disturbing the essence and fullfillng to the script's requirnent. he just took the first too lines and gave us a 3.5 min. treat. when he recorded ennama thozhi i was next to him. it was great hearing the song for the first time. and sulabha had all the patients to sing the modulations given buy sathish. it was exciting to be there for me. (He allowed me inside the studio while recording because i was the director of the movie) and adding to it he also recorded all other tracks in the movie same night.


once again i THANK alllllll you guys who supported. it made me to share my experience with ennama thozhi and gave a thought of thanking all my buddies who worked with me.



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Next movie

Will it have Satish Ramalingam as the music director again?  Any idea on his forthcoming projects?

Ennamma thozhi raagam

Could any one tell me what raagam is Ennamma thozhi?