Firefox 3.0 Work Offline mode

30 Apr 2008
Posted by stylesen

Today I loaded my laptop with Ubuntu 8.04 LTS version which comes along with Firefox version 3.0b5. As soon as I installed I tried hitting but I got an error which was like an error we used to see when the internet connection is not working. So I checked all my network connections my wireless connection but in vain. Tried rebooting which also did not help. After which I tried to read the error closely which said "Firefox is working in offline mode".

Then immediately I went to Edit -> Preferences and searched through the option to enable the online mode, but couldn't find one. At last after going through all the menu Items found the menu item to enable online mode here File -> Work Offline

Easiest Fix to Avoid Firefox Offline Mode

I experienced the same issue but after googling, I found that setting Firefox's property "toolkit.networkmanager.disable" to "true" solves it. You need to type about:config at the address bar and then set "toolkit.networkmanager.disable" to true. I even blogged it.

Thanks - was looking for

Thanks - was looking for that.