FOSS 2007 @ TCE

17 Jan 2007
Posted by stylesen

I was one of the speaker and resource person at the FOSS2007 Workshop held at Thiagarajar College of Engineering (TCE). I took sessions on various topics such as Database tools, Web Programming tools and Content Management tools. This was a great experience for me since I was able to share my knowledge with various class of people. There were many lecturers and students from different colleges across Tamil Nadu.

It was a 6 day event and I was there on the last 2 days ie., on 12-01-2007 and 13-01-2007. On the first day FN, I handled sessions on Database tools and web programming tools for the delegates and in the AN I handled the same sessions for the second year CSE students of TCE. Both these sessions went on well for about 3 hours. There were good questions posted by the audience on these sessions. Unfortunately I had some problem with my throat at the end of the day and my voice was totally different. In the evening I had a nice chat with my junior friends.

On the second day I took a session on Content management tools which went for about 2 hours (of course with a bad voice :) ). I did a case study of Drupal CMS. I show cased the SpikeSource Drupal Ignited stack to the audience and they were very much attracted by seeing this simple GUI based installer. We had Mr. HR Mohan, Chairman Computer Society of India who was the chief guest invited on that day. The happiest thing is he too attended my talk on CMS and gave his appreciation. I had a chance to spend some time with him discussing about various Free Softwares. I met Mr. RKVS Raman who was there to give a talk on localization. I spent some time with Mr. Raman discussing about FOSS.

In the afternoon we had the valedictory function of FOSS2007. Once the valedictory is over we had a session about TCENet by Dr. Mercy Shalinie. She was showcasing the product done by students, to the audience. I was there in the session and also joined with Dr. Shalinie in explaining about the features of this project and how we involve students in this, since this was my final year project and I played a key role in making this project completely FOSS based. In the evening I had a discussion with the final year developers of TCENet regarding the new features which are added in the application and the issues which they are facing in the development.

It was nice to be in my college once again for FOSS 2007, wandering around the places which I spent most of the time while in college. Also meeting my "Gurus" and juniors :)

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Great Job on TCENet!

Hi Senthil,

I’m an alumnus of TCE (MCA, ‘91). I was in the college recently (Jan 20-21) for an Alumni meet, and met Ms. Shalini who walked us through the TCEMail and intranet system.

Congratulations on a great job!

I recently posted a blog entry - “Walk down memory lane at TCE” (at, and would love to have your comments from a “recent student” perspective.

Thank You!

I am proud that TCENet is really rocking these days :)