GLUG-Madurai with new look

07 Aug 2008
Posted by stylesen
A couple of months back Joe Steeve asked me to upgrade the GLUG-Madurai website from an older Drupal version (4.6.x) to something new. I tried for a couple of days when he told, and thought it will consume more time due to some incompatibilities I found with the modules like 'frontpage' used in that website, hence I stopped there. Last week when the FStival work started in full swing we wanted to make the announcements for the event and thought that the website is too outdated, which ultimately pushed me to do this work. Hence I started upgrading the site from Drupal 4.6.x to the latest 6.3 version. I took the following path in order to make the upgradation smooth (Those are drupal versions): 4.6.x -> 4.7.10 -> 5.5 -> 5.9 -> 6.3 Once I did that I thought of stopping there, but again felt it will be better I can come up with a new theme, so that people will actually know something had happened on the website. So I replaced the old theme and revamped the website design entirely and now I am happy that it came out well at least from my point of view :) You can have a look at GLUG-Madurai website here

Hi da, The site looks really

Hi da,
The site looks really great... :)