Got an offer from Cognizant

20 Jun 2005
Posted by Senthil Kumaran.S

Its been a long time since I was preparing very seriously for getting an offer from a reputed company of my choice. I couldn forget June 7th, 2005 coz I got a job. It was on June 6th, 2005 we had Cognizant Technology Solutuions at our campus, on the same day we had a wonderful presentation by the Cognizant team and the toughest part came i.e, the Aptitude Test. There was negative marks and I managed to solve 25 questions out of the 40 questions. We got the short listed candidates on the same afternoon. Next day (June 7th,2005) I had my interview. It was a very easy, nice and pleasant interview. I remember I got into the room at 9:07 am and as soon as I got inside the interview there was a power failure and the room became dark. Then Mr.Renga a smart young chap who was my interviewer asked me to help him in opening the windows. I immediately went to one of the windows and started opening also he did the same, in the meanwhile the power came. Then he introduced himself as Renga and I did the same. Then I made myself ease in the chair in front of Renga (It is a custom in Cognizant to call all the associates by their first name). Then he asked me for the form which we filled with most of our personnel details and skills. The first question he shooted was to introduce my self introduction. After introducing he asked for my college mark statement. He had a glance and asked me why dont we start with Microprocessors. Without hesitation I said yes. He asked some basic questions from that. Then he switched to Datastructures and then to Object Oriented Programming. At last he ended the technical talk with Sofware Development practices. While I was explaining the various steps for developing a software I missed the important point i.e, review. Then he reminded me about that and he gave a small talk for a minute about review. He mentioned that review must be in between testing and delivery. I added that it must be between each and every phase of the software development cycle, he was very much pleased and appreciated me for coming with a valid point.

Then after 15 minutes of technical talk he moved to an informal talk. He asked who is my favorite poet, since I have mentioned in my resume that I have a passion towards tamil poetry. Immediately I replied, "Vairamuthu". He asked whether I had read "Thaneer Desam" of Vairamuthu. How could I forget that wonderful work of him, the best poetic novel I've read thus far, so I said yes and we chatted for about five minutes on that. We both were talking about the great man Vairamuthu in which both of us were pretty interested (Like minded people, identify them easily :) ). At last he said with a smile the "You will be shortly hearing from Cognizant, to get placed". On hearing these words I was very confident that I got an offer even before the results were read.

This was a pleasant experience of mine in my interview. All my efforts in my college helped me to achieve this. Immediately after the results were announced I rang my mother and said that I got placed in Cognizant, she started crying with joy, thats the greatest moment in my life, since I proved I didnt wasted the efforts which my parents took to make me successful in life. And I alwalys remember that this is not the end, this is just the starting for some big deal awaiting in my future endevours (Since I remember the words of Spencer Johnson in his book "Who Moved My Cheese", its just my cheese has been moved). I would work hard and try to explore more in my field and give the best of mine where ever I work. Today am back into the Parallel Processing Lab after a short leave, with the regular hackers of the lab (my juniors). But this time its slightly different since there wont be any seniors :( . And the new HP Prolion server is waiting for me... cooooool :) .


Hello Sir,
I'm ManiKandan,studying B.Tech IT final year.first of all, I wish you Happy New Year 2010.I read your  blog about your interview session, i also very interested in reading Vairamuthu's poems.I also read this THANNEER THESAM, is was a wonderful story he punched very well in that. I always amaze Vairamuthu.I'm great fan of him. All the very best for your Career.Thank You!

Cool dandy!! Go ahead with

Cool dandy!! Go ahead with your work and make merry in the college days.