Got Wireless Router in my room

08 Sep 2006
Posted by stylesen

We got a wireless router in our room today. So right now am in my bed typing this blog entry. Since all of us have a lap in our room we can move around independently inside the room and still! we are connected :)

Also today am happy that I ve learned some simple concepts of Networking. I joined with Ekanth anna in configuring the Wireless router. Since I have only GNU/Linux in my machine there was some difficulty in getting the wireless working in my machine. But we solved the issue of having 2 profiles one for my office wireless network and another for my home network by writing a simple shell script (think there is a bug in the gui network config tool), though it is not a clean way. Right now am accesing the wireless thingy using my FC3 and am planning to get my wireless thingy working in Debian so that I can use my favourite distro while am in home :)

Let me know

Let me know if you find any difficulty in configuring WiFi on debian. I dealt with that several times.

Pointers are welcome

Am trying to get some pointers regarding this config. I have my wireless working perfectly in FC4 and the real thing I want is to make it work in Debian, but I find little information regarding this in the internet. I even spent long hours in IRC but didn get a solution. Waiting for some pointers :)