ifrename to map physical interfaces permanently

11 Aug 2008
Posted by stylesen
In machines where we have two interfaces say eth0 and eth1, for which you have specified static ip in /etc/network/interfaces, after a reboot the static ip which we have assigned gets screwed among these interfaces ie., the physical interfaces to which eth0 and eth1 must be mapped may change after a reboot, which creates problem when both these networks are entirely different in your servers. This happens with Debian etch. The following could be done in order to overcome this. In your /etc/network/interfaces give names like eth-pvt, eth-pub, eth-dep, etc and assign the static ip addresses. Install ifrename 'apt-get install ifrename' Put something like the following in your /etc/iftab file:
eth-pvt         mac 00:xx:79:xx:xx:BB
eth-pub         mac 00:xx:79:xx:xx:DD
eth-dep         mac 00:xx:79:xx:xx:FF
The above will see that the same names are mapped to the same physical interface each time you reboot your Debian etch GNU/Linux box.