Installing Iceweasel 2.0 web browser in Ubuntu Edgy both amd64 and 32bit

20 Feb 2007
Posted by stylesen

Finally I figured out a way to install Iceweasel web browser in Ubuntu Edgy Eft. In my workplace I use Ubuntu, and miss Debian a lot. One of the cool features in Debian is they have compiled Iceweasel with Indic fonts support which is a feature missing in Ubuntu Edgy Firefox. Due this I face issues when I access tamil pages in Ubuntu's firefox.

Hence, I decided to install Iceweasel in Ubuntu. After a lot of searching I finally found the procedure to use the debian package of Iceweasel from Debian's unstable package repository. The problem in installing the deb package of Iceweasel is the conflict with libfonconfig1, libpango and libpng versions which is available in Debian testing and that available in Ubuntu. I made some small changes to resolve these conflicts in Ubuntu without breaking the consistency of the system :)

Yeah I have come up with a script (shell) which others can use to install Iceweasel in their Ubuntu box. Just download the script which you find at the end of this blog post to your /tmp directory and run it as sudo. It works for amd64 and 32 bit versions of Ubuntu Edgy. I haven tested it in a 32 bit box yet, if you find any problem (in 32bit) let me know, so that I can solve it for you and also make the necessary changes in the script :)

NOTE: You need to have an internet connection to use this script.

I am sorry since the deb file is large I could not put it for download in my website due to space constraints :( In fact thats the reason for this script thing, else I would have made the changes and put the deb file directly here :)

install-iceweasel-ubuntu6.59 KB