Installing ntfs-3g (ntfs Read/Write) in Debian Etch

16 Aug 2007
Posted by stylesen

I found out that ntfs-3g package is not present in Debian Etch repository and is available in the testing repository. So I decided to come up with a deb file for ntfs-3g so that we can install it in Debian Etch.


Steps to install:
1) Download the above .deb (debian package) files.

2) Run the following command (as root) in the directory where you downloaded the .deb files:

# dpkg -i ntfs-3g_1.710-1_i386.deb libntfs-3g5_1.710-1_i386.deb

Thats it you can read/write files in ntfs partition.

Q: What urges me to do this?
A: I have a 120 GB usb hard drive which is formatted in ntfs! (Yeah I can reformat it with ext3, but why to do that when we have support in GNU/Linux ;) )

thanx for tutorial...:)

thanx for tutorial...:)

I'm not quite sure but I

I'm not quite sure but I think that the ntfs-3g for etch in the "backports" session of the repository may be preferably than mixing etch and sid.

Backports will be good

This package was made even before the backports was available for etch. But recently I tried this and it is b0rken. But always backports works flawlessly if it is available.