Its been Long back

07 May 2005
Posted by Senthil Kumaran.S

Its been a long time i ve blogged.. Last month i had my semester and i did the exams fine. Now in May am preparing for my placements and also working to give a good deliverable to our Virtusa Project. Last month (April 14) i had a really bad time my system got crashed. My hard disk went to hell and it was replaced by HCL since i had warranty at the cost of my data being lost. I was very upset over that, even till today my system is giving problem, all my devices started failing one by one. Today i spoke to the company people about my system problems and they have assured me that it will be fixed surely on coming Monday.
And another sad news is our technical repository Joe Steeve had left our college. But am happy that he got a nice job (the job which he wished for, Yup its a job based on GNU/Linux). I wish all the best for his career. He has promised to start a software firm in another five years time (tats cool and we ppl shall have fun there).
After the exams in April end I really had a hectic time with our college database server. We actually changed our database machine from a PIII IBM NetVista machine to another ACER PIV machine also this time we shifted from Oracle8i to Oracle9i. There began the problem and at last we got rid of all those difficulties and now our college database server is up and is running :) Ranjani was with me all that time and its the joint venture of us which made this possible.
And now am BUSY PREPARING for my placements. Last week we had our seniors handling classes for us. They really did a great job. They took pains to make us aware of the difficulties in getting through the placements. Next week in our college they have decided to arrange people from TIME to handle classes for us in Soft Skills. I think that will be even very interesting and usefull for us. Still am not getting better with my aptitiude skills, yeah I need to concentrate more :)
I would like to thank my seniors for all the work they did especially: S Arun Ponnaiah, S Karthick, Meenakshi Sundaram, HAri Shankar, Harish, Balamurugan, Mani Balan and even more (forgive me if I had left ur name).