Joined NetApp

03 May 2011
Posted by stylesen

I joined NetApp, Bangalore on 2nd of May 2011 ie., yesterday. My work here in NetApp involves programming in Python language, which I was dreaming a long time, to get a career which allows me to completely program in Python and it is fulfilled now. I ve joined NetApp as a Python Developer in the tools development team. NetApp is the next best employer after Google this year, listed by fortune magazine - and it has been listed in this space for many years in the past too! I look forward  for all the fun ;)

My last day at Nokia was 29th April, 2011. Nokia was a big brand as of today and it was a pleasure working for such a brand, though it was highly unfortunate I need to move on from Nokia, due to their not so fine strategic decisions to drop/stop/temporarily suspend/whatever Meego project. It was a nice learning experience though!

I ll stay here in Bangalore.

Lot more fun to go!

Congrats and all the best

Congrats and all the best anna. Glad to know that you get to hack with Python :-)

All the best

All the best na.  And hope to catch you sometime soon in the EGL campus :)

Congrats na.. have a great

Congrats na.. have a great time in NetApp...