Joined Nokia

04 Nov 2010
Posted by stylesen

I joined Nokia, Bangalore on 27th of October 2010, where my work will once again be based on FOSS based things. I ve joined Nokia as a Developer OS & MW in the Research and development organization, to primarily work on the Meego project. I got an N900 on the first day of my joining and it really rocks with the Debian based Maemo stack installed in it! Meego is a project launched recently ie., in February 2010 by both Nokia and Intel merging their Maemo and Moblin stacks respectively. Now Meego project is a part of "The Linux Foundation". I look forward for greater challenges in this space.

My last day at CollabNet was 22nd October 2010. It was great working for a company like CollabNet which is dedicated for developing Subversion and related cool products. CollabNet gave me an opportunity to showcase my talents in the Free Software world, where I got my full committer access for Subversion and also became a committer in Apache software Foundation.

I relocated to Bangalore from Chennai after staying there for slightly more than 3 years.

Lot more fun to go!

Hi sir, i am currently

Hi sir, i am currently started a project on test case generator tool for Firewall Testing...
I need ur help.. How can i contact You sir...
Anand, Madurai..

Hi sir, I am started a

Hi sir, I am started a project regarding test case generator tool for firewall testing....
I need ur help , how can i contact u sir? can u able to help me?
Anand, Madurai..

Worried...But Happy to hear your in Again in FOSS related

So you moved to bangalore .
Any way All the best for you.

Hi.. I accidently read your

I accidently read your blog.. it was nice.. How can i contact you..

See the side bar

Have a look at the sidebar which has all my contact information.