JRE plugin installation Iceweasel/Firefox Debian/Ubuntu

06 Jan 2010
Posted by stylesen

If you see Java Runtime Environement (JRE) plugin not available in your Iceweasel or Firefox system and auto installation fail, asking you to do a manual install, then install the following package which will automatically put the JRE plugin in place in Debian/Ubuntu based systems.

# aptitude install icedtea6-plugin

The above loads JRE plugin in the web browser. I really wanted this in order to attend webex sessions from my Debian/Ubuntu boxes. Check your browser's Tools->Add-ons->Plugins which will have "IcedTea Java Web Browser Plugin" loaded after installing the above package.

NOTE: I ve switched to 'aptitude' for package management from 'apt-get' after facing many dependency problems during an upgrade. This decission I made after discussing with folks from #debian freenode and as per Debian 5.0 Release notes section 2.1.1

Installing JRE in firefox

I'm from Iran and because of political issues I couldn't download JRE from java.com and sun. So I tried your suggestion and I typed
" aptitude install icedtea6-plugin"
It say that It couldn't find the plugin named:"icedtea6-plugin"