Launched the alpha release of TCENet

14 Feb 2006
Posted by Senthil Kumaran.S

The migration of TCENet to Free Open Source Software is my final year
project. TCENet is more than a intranet portal to our college. It also
provides with central authentication, ERP solution and many more to
the users. We have completed the basic module of TCENet and its alpha
release was made. We were very happy to have Professor Tony Wasserman
from Carniege Mellon University West and Mr.Murugan Pal CTO, Spike
Source. Tony and Murugan launched our project on 04-02-2006. Also I
had an opportunity to be with Tony and Murugan for the whole day. We
had lunch at the Taj Coramendal that day, which was my first lunch at
Taj :) I had a very good discussion with both of them both technical
and some non-technical stuff. Tony was a very cool guy and he is very
close to Andrew Tanenbaum (Ande). We went to different places in
Madurai on that day. It was a nice time I had with them and I feel
proud to be a part of the project which we launched :)

great work, keep going.

great work, keep going.

thts gr8 da..where is the

thts gr8 da..where is the release u posted it in the net