"LPC" First Place

25 Feb 2005
Posted by Senthil Kumaran.S

The first place in Linux Programming Contest(LPC) was bagged by our team. Sri Ranjani and Myself did a small software for LPC, which is a programming contest conducted by our CSE association. It is an interface for the wget tool in GNU/Linux. At first when we cleared prilms, we thought that we were to implement wget ( it involves a lot of stuff, ie. implementing http, ftp and all that crap), but one day when we had a discussion my senior Balamurugan made it clear that our job is to just make use of the existing tool in GNU/Linux and provide an interface for that. Then things were made easy. Ranjani and myself worked for one day fully dedicated, for that and we almost finished it on that day. Then we were waiting for the results for a long time. At last we got the first place. There were ten teams participating in this contest.

We did this using Glade, gtk+ and a lot more of C coding. It was a nice experience working for this small project. The second prize was bagged by our juniors Praveen and Subramani. My seniors were asking for a treat for this, I think I will take them to "Aarthy Drive Inn" next week :-).