Madurai Appu Hotel have lots to improve!

20 Dec 2009
Posted by stylesen

madurai appu logoOn friday 18-dec-2009 night (9:15 pm) I went to Hotel Madurai Appu located in Valasarawakkam and had lots of bad experiences! We planned to go out for dinner and I chose Madurai Appu because it was close to my house and also after the revamp I was hoping for a lot of improvements. But I was disappointed.

  • As we entered, the hotel was full and there was no space left, hence we were asked to wait in the queue. I thought someone will be keeping track of who arrived first and stuff like that, as in any other decent hotel, but none was there to keep track of that. 
  • There were more tables with 6 seats than 4 seats which is not fair, of course it is a family restaurant, but we cant expect a big family always! I think this is one of the reasons for the long waiting time.
  • We were 3 and got seated in a table with 6 seats, after waiting for 20 minutes, chosen randomly by a hotel employee. I opened the menu card and there was a guy who came to take the order. I started with soups, wanted to taste "kozhi rasam" immediate answer "no sir we don't have it", ok then I ll go for "crab soup", "no sir we dont have it". Fine let me go for ordering starters and then come to soups, I want a plate of "fish fingers", answer "no sir we don't have it", fine what about "nethili fry", again "no sir we don't have it". I was like "WTF?", I asked what else do you have in your hotel, then he pointed out some items which are usual things any hotel will have and I picked some item (again after lots of back and forth). Then I came back to soup, I asked for "hot and sour chicken soup". The person who was taking order said, before I could open my mouth for soups, "Sir soups will take very long time to deliver, so dont go for it". Who is he to say something like that? I came here to have relaxed dinner, I can spend time and I dont want to be in a hurry to finish of my dinner (often I dont get time to get on like this), but what he said spoiled the mood.
  • Once they took the order they delivered the soup within 10 minutes, which is a normal turn around time in any hotel. So why did that guy say so, then I realized because of the long queue waiting outside. That is bad. If you have taken a customer in, do whatever you can to satisfy him first so that he ll spread good things about you, but if your aim is to get rid of them first that too in a hotel environment that is a bad business strategy!
  • Fine, food came, I ordered for mineral water. The person came with a mineral water bottle and kept on the table, then he realized a chewed buble gum was stuck on the bottle side! Yuck! he took it back to the kitchen and came with a new bottle after 5 minutes. You can realize what are the things which would have come to my mind (don't forget the slumdog millionaire scene).
  • All done we finished our dinner. What next? Need to wash my hands, went to the wash basin and saw, though there was a pipe it didn't give water, they had a bucket and tumbler at the side. Yes water scarcity is there and I understand this is a new revamp of the building and there will be some infrastructure problem, but why you do this? Either if the taps or not functioning you shouldn't have opened the hotel until all the plumbing work is over, else you must make sure that there is a clean way of giving water for washing hands. This was like any other road side shop!
  • Juice and icecreams? (It was there in the menu), "No Sir, we dont have these items yet!"
  • Next thing is the floor, I guess they haven't cleaned the floor for the entire week, the titles in the floor were brown in color with mud all over. The white tiles were turned brown.

If you dont have some item it is the responsibility of the person who is taking the order to inform well in advance to the customer, not replying "we dont have this" as and when the customer orders something.

Is this the service you guys give for the money we pay? (you dont supply food for subsidized price! We pay HUGE!) That was heavily disappointing. Unless they improve their service am not going to spread good things about Madurai Appu hotels. There is a long way to go guys!

nalas logoI am a great fan of "Nalas Appa Kadai" Velachery and other branches (will write a separate blog later) which is THE BEST hotel IMO, cause they want to do real service for customers. Whatever I ve said above will not happen in  Nalas and if something goes wrong, these guys will really apologize and see that it wont happen in the future with any customers! If you don't beleive read this - Nalas Appa Kadai Velachery I miss Nalas these days due to the long distance!

Your Feedback

Dear Senthil
Thanks for your direct feedback.
We had lot of loose ends at the time of re-opening of the branch that needed to addresssed and most of it is completed now.
We take your inputs seriously as a well wisher and have been working on improving our customer satisfaction experience at the Valsaravakkam branch.
Regret for the delay in responding to your post as I have been travelling and this was brought to my notice today.

Thank You Mansoor

Hi Mansoor,
I am happy that you took all my feedbacks in a positive sense. I ll try Madurai Appu today or tomorrow evening and write about the changes (if any) you have made.
Thank You.