Me and ^^^^^^^VIRTUSA^^^^^^^^

13 Jan 2005
Posted by Senthil Kumaran.S

Virtusa is a WonderLand.I would like to narrate the moments which I cherished during my stay at Virtusa. My Association with Virtusa started somewhere in the middle of August, when we had Fstival in our college. Dr.Shalini told us our sponsors for Fstival are Virtusa and the chief guest is coming from this company. At that time I had no idea of what is Virtusa. Then we recevied two posters from Virtusa, quoting some PIRL values. I felt very great about the company on seeing those posters, it was so professional. One important thing to note here is Virtusans also had sent a rope for tieing these posters; this shows how consious these corporate people are even with very minute things.

On the Fstival day Ganesan came as our chief guest. He spoke very well about Virtusa and he also said that Virtusa is ready to offer some projects to us. Then one fine day on December we received a letter saying that ten students are invited for an “Open Source Training Programme” at Virtusa. Then ten of us were seleted and there started our journey to explore the corporate world. We started preparing our Resumes which took several phases and finally it was ready. We sent our resumes and waited for a long time to get a positive reply, and we also got it. We were amazed to hear from the Virtusa team that they were ready to provide us accomodation and things like that. But unfortunately we had already made arrangements regarding our accomodation.

After coming to Virtusa we were given a very good welcome by Gowri. Her broad smile and the way she welcomed us to Virtusa was really very soothing. Then the second person I met was Sukumaran. At first I don’t know what work he was doing in Virtusa then he introduced himself as a HR. He took us to the “Small talk” room were we had our first and long meeting in Virtusa. There Srinath briefed us on the way Virtusa works. Then I met a very cool and effective speaker, whom I admired a lot, he is none other than Raghu. He explained about a very good group which is a good custom to be appreciated in Virtusa, it is the “Individual Support Group” (ISG). His speech was very interesting.

At first I thought that “Training in Open Source” as quoted in the letter we received is most of just sessions i.e. we will have to sit hours together like we do in our colleges and listen to the preaching. But what was given was really different. We were asked to select the projects which we were interested to work upon. At first our technical skills were studied by the Vitusa team. We were talking more about application programming. Virtusa team had some projects on systems programming. Actually I wanted to work on systems programming, but I didn’t get a chance to work during the past five semesters of my college. Systems programming was the one which I wanted to switch to and I was longing for, then Virtusa team agreed to give us a Project on OS Kernel Development, and it was cool.

I felt more comfortable in Virtusa on that afternoon when Ganesan came to our cubical and chatted with us. We were chating over our college life, and he was also sharing most of his college gestures. It was really a very good chat, which made me to come closer to Virtusa.

I was very much impressed by the technical skills of Ramnathan. And was very happy to know that he was from my place. Ram was speaking so technically that, it helped me a lot to think over my technical skills and the areas which I must improve on.

The Virtusa team which included Vishwac, Uma, Jeenendra (sorry if there is a spelling mistake) and Umesh was very cool. And I enjoyed being with these guyz in Virtusa. They treated us as one among them.

The important thing I learnt from VIRTUSA is “Coding is not the only thing a Software Engineer must do”, there is lots more in developing a software. The training which I had in Virtusa really made me to understand how to approach in building a project and gave a very good exposure to the current IT trends. I think this would help me to improve a lot in my career.

The hospitality and the way in which the Virtusans treated us was really nice. I felt happy to see our posters pasted on the walls of Virtusa, which I shall say a privilege granted to us. I can go to my college with pride saying that I was in Virtusa, which is “The Place” I wanted to be in.