Me too Debian!

23 Jul 2015
Posted by stylesen

Debian Powered LogoI was introduced to Debian Operating System back in my college days somewhere in the year 2003. After almost 12 years of using Debian, today I feel proud to say I ve also contributed back to the Debian Community. Yes, I became a Debian Maintainer this week. Introduced in Debian Project News as a New Contributor - I successfully completed Debian New Maintainer process and officially became a Debian Maintainer this week with my GPG key included in the Debian Maintainer Keyring!

I did had short experiments with Debian contributions in the past such as this one but left it without any further developments. Now it is real and I ve started with some serious contributions to Debian, all because of the support / encouragement / mentoring from my Debian mentor Neil Williams a.k.a @codehelp ( who made this possible. Of course my association with Linaro gave me the time to get this done :)

It has always been difficult for me to work on a different operating system other than Debian, specifically on a laptop, desktop or a server machine. From time to time, I get tempted to switch over to Ubuntu, but that will be very short lived something in the order of couple of days, soon after that I will get back to my Debian environment where I feel like home, truely home. Its like tasting different cuisines - you feel excited, appreciate it, get immersed in it, but you can't take it forever ;)

I need to thank too many people who did helped me to get addicted to Debian. The most important ones,

  • Joe Steeve - He who introduced me to Debian for the first time. I still remember the passion and excitement that he has whenever I start talking about Debian with him (for that matter more specifically free software). Joe, is my mentor for life :) w.r.t. what I do in Free Software! We used to spend sleepless days / nights in TCE fighting with all those Debian boxes. During the initial days when I got my first PC which was an AMD Athlon processor (x86) based machine, Joe and myself spent hours together to install Debian on that machine and that was a great experience, at last we sorted to do expert install and we finally succeeded after almost 8 hours of fight (that was the toughest Debian installation I ve done so far!).
  • Dr. S. Mercy Shalinie - She gave the complete freedom to play around each and every silicon based hardware lying around in my college to practice my computer science proficiency. I was instrumental in establishing along with Joe (of course there are numerous other people who contributed for this cause), which was possible because of her. That's another reason for my ever lasting love for Debian, since we made each of those silicon chips to speak Debian and we loved how it used to behave in the perfect sense.
  • And as I said there are many more who had the patience to listen to all my boring Debian rants :)

So there is a long way to go from here, its just the begining for me in the Debian community. I hope to get the same support / encouragement / mentorship from my friends / seniors / juniors / colleagues / fellow community members / family and everyone in the future too. Happy Debianizing :)