My Bike is back to Trichy!

17 May 2006
Posted by Senthil Kumaran.S

Hmmm, I brought my bike back to Trichy from Madurai yesterday. Yesterday I drove my bike all the way from Madurai to Trichy (This is the eight time am doing it :)). I was accompanied by my junior Praveen, he gave a nice company. I took the bike at 6:00am from my room after watching a nice and interesting movie and then reached Trichy at 10:00am sharp (to my home). It took nearly 45 minutes for me to cross Matuthavani because we had the Algar Thiruvizha which I didn anticipated and a lot of Traffic jams, road redirections,etc. But we were fortunate enough to reach home before the hot sun came above our head and start burning us (Yeah!!! its too hot both in Madurai and Trichy :( ). This was time I was extemely fast on the roads and I drove at the speed of 80-85kmph continuously for more than fifteen minutes and enjoyed it. I thought of even increasing the speed but unfortunately my bike cried to me not to pain it toooooo much :)(so my average speed was about 65kmph). I stopped at Kottampatti and Viralimalai for half an hour each to allow my bike to take a breath and also I needed a break in between. Today I gave my bike for a complete service in a TVS service station and got it back just now (its cool and my bike runs smooth, and takes back to the time when I first touched it three years back). Have to start studying for Wireless Technologies :(.