New woman in my life :)

27 May 2013
Posted by stylesen

This is something very personal and I want the world to know about what is happening in my life! I used to stare at women like these during my college days. Initially I thought they were very beautiful and I wanted to stay away from them. Though, as every man has an instinct to spend a life with such a kind of woman I had my thoughts deep inside me, to have someone like one of them. During college there was at least 10 women inside our college premises, with whom I used to hook around occasionally. After finishing college I used to have many chicks who were slim, beautiful (and you know what) with whom I ve spent a lot of time, but still I missed those kinda women in life.

After so many years, last week I happen to meet and have a great relationship with the woman of the kind I wanted to be with always. Yes of course! But you know what? Woman that too one who is matured, has their own initial barriers to allow someone to intrude their personal space. I had a tough time to convince her to be mine, after showing my experience, I somehow convinced her and she became mine once forever! It is a beautiful relationship I want to cherish for the entire life. To be with woman like her will make me more brilliant and achieve a lot in my life.

But I dont neglect the fact woman are woman always! Since she is new, she is very obedient, quiet and takes my order without a second word. I definitely know as time passes by she will definitely lose each of these qualities. Still I want to be with her and spend a future with her because, that is how we make our lives interesting ;)

I know it is too much of boring stuff. Let me show her pic so that you understand why am so much attracted to her!!! Her pic is here and you can know more about her here.

And you know what? Her name is 'suchi'. I made her more competant by adding 32G and 2T :)

PS: Apologies if I have disappointed you :P

Ayyo Raama !!

Ayyo Raama enna yaen indha maari pasangalodalaam kootu sekkara?

Poda mokka boss.

Poda mokka boss.

Dei.. Dei.. Dei..

Stop kindling the stomach fire man.

Knew, it should be something

Knew, it should be something like this only :) We are used to these. This is from praveen long time back - I did it sometime back - You are late :-)

satiya sodanai

Anna  your title made me to read this post. when i eargely checked the hyperlink - my mind voice - satiya sodanai.  keep rocking...