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Started swimming!!!

27 Sep 2006
Posted by stylesen

From Monday(25-09-2006) onwards I ve started going for swimming classes. The swimming pool is near Kanthirwa stadium (close to MG Road) which is St. Joseph School's pool. I go along with my room mates (seniors but not so :) ) early in the morning. Yeah in the morning, many will be suprised, but thats the truth, I get up at 5:30 am in the morning and go for swimming. All of you know how cold is Bangalore and before I jump into the pool my body shivers like anything. Once inside the pool I enjoy swimming :). Am a beginner in swimming and gradually learning the art of swimming. There are 3 coachs Karthick, Radheesh and Manhjunath, who takes special care for me because am the only guy who have joined basic course, all the others are in the advance course who have some knowledge of swimming. They say am picking up faster than what they expected.

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Since am not a Windoze user, I was not aware this file format .chm. Today I stuck with this when I was trying to download some e-Books. Am in my GNU/Linux box so wanted to view/read these e-Books which was in .chm formats which is a native M$ format. There is a cool tool to view these files GnoCHM. This is a simple tool and you can get it as a tarball, rpms and debs. Just do a "$ yum install gnochm" and you are done with it. It is very small something around 206 K download (when you install using yum). It is a free software and is GPLed.

The other related softwares are:

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This was one of the memorable Software Freedom Day's (SFD) I would recall in future, because this was the first SFD am not a student. I went to Madurai to attend the SFD code named FStival'06 in my college TCE. This time I could see many more improvements in the way in which the event was organised and some more maturity. There was a huge crowd from colleges in and around Madurai and the general public which was our dream two years back when I was in college.

Kenneth Gonsalves from NRCFOSS was the chief guest of FStival'06 and he gave an impressive talk on "HowFLOSS makes you a great programmer". He also answered many queries posted by the audience.

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We got a wireless router in our room today. So right now am in my bed typing this blog entry. Since all of us have a lap in our room we can move around independently inside the room and still! we are connected :)

Also today am happy that I ve learned some simple concepts of Networking. I joined with Ekanth anna in configuring the Wireless router. Since I have only GNU/Linux in my machine there was some difficulty in getting the wireless working in my machine. But we solved the issue of having 2 profiles one for my office wireless network and another for my home network by writing a simple shell script (think there is a bug in the gui network config tool), though it is not a clean way.

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Now I have my own web site with all the information about me gathered together in a single place. I ll no longer update blogs in my blogger or wordpress account. Having my own website was a dream for me from my college days, and it came true today :)

You can see latest updates from me right here in the future...

About Me

31 Aug 2006
Posted by stylesen

stylesen logoThis is Senthil Kumaran S from Trichy, Tamil Nadu India. I'm a Free Software enthusiast. I use GNU/Linux for all my productive work in computer science. I have a great passion towards techonology in the field of Computer Science. I ve actively contributed and still contributing to some interesting Free Software projects.

I am a "Full Committer" for Apache Subversion ( Version Control System (VCS). I have extensive development experience with VCS and related tools. I am also a Member of Apache Software Foundation (

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Yesterday I attended GPLv3 conference at IIM Bangalore, which is the fourth international conference. It is a great news to fellow Indian's that India is catching up in pace with the Free Software philosophy. I make the above statement because, some time back when I saw a movie named "The Code" in that one of the press person from India asked a question about "Involvement of developers in India for free software development" to Linus Torvalds. His reply was "Not much contrbution from Indians". But today I would rather say that Indians have convinced the Free Software community to make them understand that Indians are really contributing a _lot_ to this community. Though it is bad to introduce Linus Torvalds when I want to explain about GPLv3,