Nokia N70 with Debian Etch!

02 Aug 2007
Posted by stylesen
Recently my uncle bought a Nokia N70 music edition phone and wanted to transfer mp3, pictures, etc. I had a nice time playing around with this nokia N70 mobile, last weekend. As a GNU/Linux freak, I have only Debian running in my laptop and feared that these Nokia guys will demand to install Nokia PC Suite software in order to do any kind of transfer to the Nokia phone. I had a really tough time. Initially I thought as soon as I connect the USB data cable the of the Nokia mobile it will be identified as a memory stick device in GNU/Linux as my Sony Ericsson W700i does, which will enable me to transfer files as I do in a USB memory device, but that was not the case. I could sense that the device /dev/ttyACM0 is somehow identified by GNU/Linux but it is not getting mounted. I tried mounting it with "$ sudo mount -t iso9660 /dev/ttyACM0 /mnt" but in vain, my Debian box complained saying /dev/ttyACM0 was not a block device. So I thought of looking for some alternative packages in Debian in order to detect and transfer data in this Nokia N70. After a lot of search I came across some tools such as gammu, wammu, gnokii, kmobiletools, etc. But all/most of these tools were just to manipulation with contacts and messages, but none of them helped me to identified N70 device and the memory card in it. Unfortunately in my IBM Thinkpad R60 I didn't have bluetooth/cardreader/ir etc :( So I was left without any hope, so the last option was to install Windoze and Nokia PC suite in order to do the data transfer from PC to the mobile device. Since I didn't have a key for my XP cd which expired long back, I was unable to install Doze too :( (but I was fortunate enough to find out something else!) But I didn't give up ;) , somewhere in the Nokia PC Suite Software I was able to grep the string "Obex protocol" and that was the cache. I remembered in my "apt-cache search" sessions that I have come across this obex somewhere. So I ditched Doze idea and went back to the cool guy Debian for help. This time Debian gave me two packages for obex ie., OBject EXchange Protocol they are obexftp, openobex-apps. I first tried openobex-apps which gave me two commands obex_tcp, obex_test without manual pages, which ultimately gave me no chances to RTFM. Then I installed obexftp, and made my mind to think this Nokia N70 device as some big file server. Thank god! obexftp had "--help". I connected the data cable of N70 with my laptop and started experimenting the options in obexftp command. There was some hope :) ,at last I mastered it and was able to create a new directory, get/put files, list files from my Nokia N70 file server ;) etc. These are some of my findings: Remember all these commands should be run as "su" in order to interact with the Nokia N70. 1) To see whether your Nokia mobile is detected:
# obexftp -u

Found 2 USB OBEX interfaces
Interface 0:
        Manufacturer: Nokia
        Product: Nokia N70
        Interface description: SYNCML-SYNC
Interface 1:
        Manufacturer: Nokia
        Product: Nokia N70
        Interface description: PC Suite Services
Use '-u interface_number' to connect
Nothing to do. Use --help for help.
NOTE: The second interface is the one in which you need to connect which will act as a file server :) 2) List contents of the specific folder in memory card
# sudo obexftp -u 1 -v -l E:/Songs/
The above command will give some xml output of the directory listing 3) Create a directory in the memory card
# obexftp -u 1 -v -C E:/Songs
NOTE: The memory card is partitioned into two drives C: and E: 4) Now push songs at one short
# obexftp -u 1 -v -c E:/Songs -p /home/stylesen/n70/*.mp3
5) Delete a directory (though you can do it from your mobile ;) )
# obexftp -u 1 -v -k E:/Songs
Hurray, thats it man, it did the job for me. Now I selected some 400MB of songs to load into the 1GB data card of N70 music edition and pushed it. After some 20 MB of data transfer Nokia pleaded and failed, but I didn't gave up, I pushed the entire 400 MB at one short with a single command. Of course N70 cried and have become dead slow, but our Debian dude forced poor guy Symbian and pushed all the data :) At last GNU/Linux helped me to achieve things without making use of Doze! Debian rocks! Thank you "Christian W. Zuckschwerdt" the author of obexftp. If you have doubts in the above feel free to contact me :)

Accessing internet using Nokia N70 in debian.

Hi, Senthil!
Thx for a very interesting post.
Could you please tell me how to access internet using Nokia N70 in debian?
Thank you in advance.

recursive get

Is there a way to recursively get a directory? E.g. I want to download on my laptop all pictures in one shot.


Is it possible to change encoding of the filenames?
I use utf-8 locale but I wanna see filenames on my Nokia 6630 encoded with cp1251.

You can try this

# obexftp -u 1 -v -g E:/Pictures

As per the help message of obexftp "-g, --get fetch files" which indicates we can get multiple files. I cant try this since I dont have a N70 right now with me :) If you find a solution please let me know!

cool info

Thats a nice info man. i thought of using my mobile 5300 in debian but didnot know how. you have shown the way :)

Cool Discovery da... :)

Cool Discovery da... :)

Great work.. Cool info..

Great work.. Cool info.. Debian always has a solution :)