ntfs-3g corrupted files

30 Apr 2008
Posted by stylesen

I have an external hard disk which is formatted in ntfs. I enabled ntfs-3g support in Debian etch box using some backport ntfs-3g deb files which was pretty old. Whenever I do a 'mount -t ntfs-3g blah blah' it gives a warning saying that ntfs partition is in use and try mounting with '-o force' option. I neglected the warning and mounted using force several times. Also used the hard disk in my ubuntu box where when I tried copying or rsyncing between folders at times it says some I/O error and failed copying/stating some files. It kept on increasing and lots of files in my hard disk got corrupted.

I found in some forums that the way to fix this ntfs partition is to run some dos partition check utility in doze, but did not have the patience to dig more. I tried 'badblocks' on the whole disk but found none :(

Just few minutes back I connected my external hard disk to a Windoze box and rebooted the machine in doze, which recovered all the files and set the tables right for me during the initial booting process :) So saved my day.