Professional Presentations With Latex - Muktware

14 Mar 2011
Posted by stylesen

My first article - "Creating Professional Presentation with Latex" - for Muktware got publised. This article explains how to create presentations with latex beamer. Following is a gist from the article, to read more visit -

"If you are a fan of versioning presentations and not convinced with versioning binary files then this article is for you, of course it makes you stand out among your friends since this is how geeks prepare presentations. Latex is a popular document preparation system which provides a document markup language to edit your documents which looks beautiful in paper.

I have used latex for preparing my project documentation back in college days which was very different and beautiful from the documents prepared by my friends in normal word processors. Recently, I started using latex for my presentation slides, which makes the audience curious, about the tools used to make the presentation. In this article I will walk you through the steps involved in preparing a simple presentation using latex beamer classes. You require 'latex-beamer', 'pdflatex' packages installed in your distribution."