Reading .chm files in GNU/Linux

22 Sep 2006
Posted by stylesen

Since am not a Windoze user, I was not aware this file format .chm. Today I stuck with this when I was trying to download some e-Books. Am in my GNU/Linux box so wanted to view/read these e-Books which was in .chm formats which is a native M$ format. There is a cool tool to view these files GnoCHM. This is a simple tool and you can get it as a tarball, rpms and debs. Just do a "$ yum install gnochm" and you are done with it. It is very small something around 206 K download (when you install using yum). It is a free software and is GPLed.

The other related softwares are:

  • xchm which is also a GPLed software.
  • For python freaks we have PyCHM

yum... from hard core debian

yum... from hard core debian user to fedora core user.. any idea about reading .lit formats..

Yeah that is fate...

Though am passionate about Debian, this is the layman's term for most of the GNU/Linux users (corporate) to describe installing packages (yum)... Sorry I haven come across such a file format yet :( (Am a poor guy with rusty M$ technologies which are ages old)