Relaxing after Internals

18 Jan 2006
Posted by Senthil Kumaran.S

These days I forget to update my blog. Shall do it regularly here after :) Just today my internal exams got over. I wrote my internal exams on my own(Whats this???), everybody does the same... but there are people who doesnt do that. I dont know how much I ll score, but I ll be happy even if I fail in one or two subjects, because I ve put the maximum effort I can. Usually its during internals when thoughts pour in to me, not related to what I study but on the other improvements and other things which I can do. This time also I have a lot of plans, shall do one by one :) I must start concentrating on my project sincerely from today, what I ve been doing last week. Still I didn receive my Intel Contest resutls :(

Another important thing is I ve brought my bike to Madurai. This is what I planned for quite a few days in the past. Here after it wont be a problem for me to wander all the day in the streets of Madurai, and I ll discover new places in here. It is a old TVS-Suzuki Max 100 R, which is my uncle's bike. Since we exchanged our bikes last year, this bike was there in my house at Trichy standing all day long for months together. It became worse and hard to drive. So I took it here to rejuvante it. I drove the bike from Trichy to Madurai (this is my sixth long journey in this route), I ve did this many time in the past. It was really cool to drive for such a long distance, but I faced the consequences (body pain) for the rest of the day. Hmmm... hoping to enjoy life to the fullest :)

Hey Sen, I somehow landed up

Hey Sen,

I somehow landed up in your blogspace... Mainly because I found Arupukottai somewhere in your poetry web !!

I just ran thru ur blog. Got to know that you have been revamping TCENet. Thought of updating myself with that...Drop me an email when u find time..