A roundup on Microblogging clients - Linux for You - March 2010

12 Apr 2010
Posted by stylesen

microblogging clients cover pageAn article titled "A Roundup on Microblogging clients", which I wrote for Linux For You magazine and got published in March 2010 issue.

A gist from the article is follows, you can download the entire article from the attachment to this post,

The latest buzz in social networking is microblogging - the next generation of blogging where people share their status, images, audio and video files with their friends without being verbose. When you microblog, you answer one simple question: “What’s happening?” Some of us are already into microblogging,
without quite realising that there is a term for the small text we enter in our IM clients and elsewhere to publish our status. And some of us are microblog addicts, already!

Many full-fledged social networking sites like Facebook, Orkut, Linkedin, etc, provide ways to microblog, though they’re all referred to by different names, such as ‘Updates’, ‘Status Update’, etc. There are also dedicated sites just for microblogging, like identi.ca, twitter.com, tumblr.com, present.ly, yammer.com and many more.

See attachment below to download the complete article in pdf.

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Nice article

First time I am finding this much an exhaustive list. :)

Excellent article

Excellently written article. I have come across a lot of these clients - GUI based, commandline-based and APIs, but the article is exhaustive and pretty comprehensive for anyone new to social networking on GNU/Linux. :)