is up and running :)

06 Sep 2006
Posted by stylesen

Now I have my own web site with all the information about me gathered together in a single place. I ll no longer update blogs in my blogger or wordpress account. Having my own website was a dream for me from my college days, and it came true today :)

You can see latest updates from me right here in the future... rocks... except rocks... except the favicon.ico.... is that icon thing so neccessary..

Thing to be noted :)

That is the only image in my site which shows that this is stylesen :) But unfortunately this is not available for the IE users...

cool work man

hey you have done a nice work.The colour and font selection is cool too.keep going... "Up and Running" those keywords rings something in my mind he he :)

Yep that will ring!!!

Yeah! sorry I couldn put the courtesy message there :) Anyway that was the phrase which came into my mind as soon as I finished...