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12 Dec 2009
Posted by stylesen

I was thinking about changing the looks of for a long time (nearly 2 years), but today was the auspicious day I was able to accomplish the mission! Yes at last I ve done it and I hope you are already looking at it ;) Back in 2004 I started blogging with, then switched to In september 2006, I rolled out when I had my first self hosting website. I chose drupal to host this site, which today I feel is a wise decision made by me! old site screenshotI had a strong belief in the past that whatever contents are shown by the website should be accessible from the home page. I don't want the users to scroll through in order to read that extra content displayed by the website. Based on this idea I had my previous website layout which you can see in the figure shown on the left.

For the same reason all my previous websites which I have designed will have more or less a similar layout with a left and right side bar and content in the middle. Almost all content access is through the links in the left side bar.

But, these days there are more people literate about computers and mainly the internet and know how to scroll through a web page, which may be the reason modern day websites have content shown with a bit of scrolling. The new layout is based on this idea and who knows this will be the layout design I may stick to in future for all websites I may new look screenshot

If you are reading this blog post there are chances that you are already looking at the new layout of my website :) So here is it! Look at the figure at the right side!

Whoah, I can insert images in between content left, right, center whereever I want it to be. You guessed it right, its all because of WYSIWYG module and TinyMCE. Back in 2006 when I evaluated TinyMCE, I was not satisfied since it was not stable and required some complex config, but now it solves my purpose and lot more better.

Another misconception I had with the views module was it was very complex and an overkill. This was also another reason why I went for writing my own modules like 'What's New' module in the old website, to do some simple task which could be very well achieved by views. Though I ve tested it in length during my preivous job, I didn't had a chance to exploit this powerful module in any of the websites. It is right there in the new layout, which showcases the latest tweets, tag clouds, archive, etc!

Many people complained about poor archive browsing in my website in the past, I ve heard them and responded with the new sane archive browser :)

With the twitter module I can also post new content teasers right from my drupal installation to Twitter This saves some time because after writing something I need not go for tweeting it separately. Also you can see my latest tweets in a block in the right side bar.

I would like to thank Shannon Lucas and others, maintaining and contributing to the theme Nitobe which is what this site is based on. I made some tweaks here and there to get the look and feel I dreamt of! I hope the new theme looks clean (it does, at least for me).

That is quite a lot of work, but still I was careful enough not break the links and lose content, this also includes the feeds. Couple of months back I did had a thought to move the entire site to wordpress looking at the huge buzz and latest developments, but I dropped it!

Everything is possible with Drupal!

Nice Poems....:)

Nice Poems....:)

Good Look!!!

Look is good... Been watching your site from blogspot -> wordpress -> Drupal... You rock man.. Keep Rocking!!!