SubConf 2009 — A Report (Day 3)

30 Oct 2009
Posted by stylesen
Today (29-oct-2009) marked Day 3 of SubConf 2009 which is also the last day of the event. Just like yesterday we had lots of talks planned with 3 parallel sessions at any point of time, but unfortunately there was only one talk in English for the whole day. The Subversion Hackathon went for the whole day where developers got together, discussed and wrote code for the entire day. The talks in day-3's agenda was mostly concerned on Software Configuration Management and general concepts. 09:50 am - 10:35 am "Coding Control: How to bring in agility and avoid fragility through software configuration management" talk by Tony Smithfrom Perforce Software. This talk mainly focussed on SCM and Agile development. Key points from the talk: 1: SCM is at the heart of Agile 2: Model the flow of change 3: Expect things to change 4: Automate as much as you can 5: Always be constructive Unfortunately there was no questions asked from the audience at the end of the talk. At the Subversion Hackathon room developers wrote code all day. There were many good discussions about subversion code. We can say this was a productive hackathon since there were approximately 34 commits the subversion repository with close to 800 lines of change! The conference officially came to an end at 05:00 pm (German time), but the Subversion developers were not ready to move from the Subversion Hackathon room and they booked the room till mid-night :) To conclude it was a great conference and there were lot of interesting things which I personally learned from the conference. Looking forward to contribute more to Subversion code base in the coming days. Hope we have more such subversion user conferences and developer hackathon in future. If you ve reached so far! Thank You for your time on reading this :) Pics here - Day-1 report - Day-1 Pics - Day-2 report - Day-2 Pics -