Subversion Full commit access

25 Aug 2008
Posted by stylesen
I received my "Full Commit Access" to Subversion code base on 23-08-2008 01:47 AM IST. It was a long time dream for me to get commit access to a popular Free Software project and it came true now. This made me the 2nd committer in India :) (after Kamesh) You can have a look at for details. I received my partial commit access to subversion code base on 02-11-2007 01:22 AM IST. I was introduced to subversion in my college by Joe Steeve. That was a perfect talk which he gave for a layman like me in order to make us understand Subversion, I still remember how he explained the version control concepts. Not only that he also introduced me to the world of Free Software. Without him I would have been a normal developer in some "X" company! Thank You Joe for guiding me. This was all possible because of CollabNet which provided me the right environment in order to contribute to Subversion project. I need to specially thank Kamesh Jayachandran who guided me in the right track in order to work independently and identify problems to cope up with the Subversion development. I would like to thank the friendly, encouraging, dynamic Subversion Community who accepted my mistakes and motivated me in order to achieve this. I am happy that the time I spent on Free Software did not go a waste! Will continue hacking on Subversion and all those Free Softwares I am associated with in future with greater enthusiasm.

Congratulations !

Fabulous news. Waiting for you to scale newer heights !


Thats great man...