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11 Nov 2006
Posted by stylesen

I ve written a lot of tamil poems and today is the day I ve started publishing it in stylesen.org. Since I have a huge repository I may not be able to type all of them at one shot, so keep visiting http://poems.stylesen.org (yeah I have a subdomain for this) where I keep updating the contents when I find time. There was always a wish/dream in my life to publish my tamil poems in a printed form (formal way), that may or may not be fullfilled, but today I think this wish is going to be partially fulfilled via stylesen.org.

Its been a long time I have written tamil poems and most of the poems which I am going to publish here are those which are written in my school days (pleasant memories) and in the early days of my college life.


Hi Senthil,
Your Tamil Poems, seems to have a great passion in your thoughts, start from your school days. Publish your school day's poems other than 'Mana sitharalgal ivan siru vayadu thavam' if any..

Thank you

Thanks for your appreciation. I do have a huge collection of my poems. The only problem am too lazy to update it. I ll do it regularly in future.


hey, thats good man.. do it in future, if you get time to do the same..