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It is possible to shell into the application space of OpenShift Express environment. This is a powerful feature which gives us full control if we are a command line junkie! If we have uploaded the public key from our current machine to in our account, then we can do a password-less login to the application shell.

Open your application and view details in which will contain the git repository url which will look like the following:

Copy the above which will act as our ssh string to connect. In order to connect via ssh use the following command which is derived from the above URL:

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OpenShift is a very cool platform and I got attracted. I wanted to extend my experiment and wanted to onboard an application which I have written. I thought about some ideas which I could code in python and at the same time I can test various features of OpenShift, also I wanted to learn some new web framework in python during this experiment.

Posted by stylesen

OpenShift is a free cloud-based application platform from RedHat. Of late I caught an interest in Cloud Computing and wanted to try out different stuff. Though I did extensive reading on Eucalyptus, Amazon EC2, Ubuntu Cloud, etc. I wanted to try something hands on and chose to experiment with OpenShift. OpenShift has two flavors such as Express and Flex. Express is a shared application platform which supports Ruby, PHP, and Python applications. On the other hand flex is dedicated platform-as-a-service for Java and PHP applications which creates and provides management capabilities to operate on Amazon EC2 clouds (in future more cloud platforms will be added).