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I gave a short interview for gnuNify 2010 blog as a part of "Know the Speaker" drive. You can read my interview here -

I gave my message for the first time contributors to Free software as follows:

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On 19th and 20th of February 2010, I ll be giving two talks in gnuNify 2010 at Pune,
India. gnuNify is an annual Free Software based tech event conducted by Symbiosis
Institute of Computer Studies and Research (SICSR) in association with Pune
GNU/Linux User Group, since 2003.

The following are my sessions:

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subconf 2009 LFY articleIn the last week of October 2009, I went to Munich, Germany in order to attend SubConf 2009 which is the annual user conference of the Subversion community. While I was on the trip, I wrote many blog posts for Linux for You magazine website whose links are as follows:

SubConf Day1



I ve clubbed all the above blog posts into a single article about my SubConf 2009 experiences, which got published in December 2009 issue of Linux For You magazine.

A gist from the article is follows, you can download the entire article from the attachment to this post,

SubConf is the annual conference of the Subversion community. SubConf 2009 was the third such event, held at Munich, Germany, from October 27 to 29, 2009. While it’s a user conference where Subversion users from various parts of the world participate, it does feature developer hackathons where the project’s core developers come together to discuss the roadmap, hack on code, et al. Developers also meet the users to get feedback, and study their requirements so that future releases can cater to these.

SubConf 2009 had 10 core Subversion developers at the conference venue—Stephen Butler, Stefan Sperling and Neels Hofmeyr (of Elego); Julian Foad of WANdisco; Greg Stein (a popular open source developer); Hyrum K. Wright (Subversion Corp), Lieven Govaerts, Bert Huijben (of The Competence Group), C. Michael Pilato and myself ( from Collabnet, Inc).

See attachment below to download the complete article in pdf.

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Yesterday ie., 02-december-2009 I went to Thiagarajar College of Engineering, Madurai to handle sessions in the Faculty Development Program on Free Open Source Software. This is same (for the engineering college faculty in southern region of TamilNadu) as that of the workshop which I took last week in Jaya Engineering College. Joe Steeve and myself shared the day with our sessions. Joe Steeve spoke on "GNU build tools". I handled two topics namely "CVS - patch - diff" and "Web Servers". Around 30 faculties participated in the sessions. Afternoon we had hands on in the lab, where all the participants worked out whatever they learnt in the morning.
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Yesterday, ie., 25-november-2009 I was in Jaya Engineering College where I gave a talk on "CVS - patch - diff" as a part of Faculty Development Program (FDP). Mr. Senthil Anand from NRCFOSS accompanied me, who spoke on gcc, java and build tools. There were around 50 participants for these sessions. FOSSee ( in association with ILUGC ( and Jaya Engineering College ( is conducting a five day workshop for faculties from various colleges in and around Chennai (northern zone of TamilNadu) on the Free Software syllabus introduced in Anna University ( affiliated colleges.
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Today (29-oct-2009) marked Day 3 of SubConf 2009 which is also the last day of the event. Just like yesterday we had lots of talks planned with 3 parallel sessions at any point of time, but unfortunately there was only one talk in English for the whole day. The Subversion Hackathon went for the whole day where developers got together, discussed and wrote code for the entire day. The talks in day-3's agenda was mostly concerned on Software Configuration Management and general concepts. 09:50 am - 10:35 am "Coding Control: How to bring in agility and avoid fragility through software configuration management" talk by Tony Smithfrom Perforce Software. This talk mainly focussed on SCM and Agile development.
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Yesterday ie., 12 Spetember 2009 from 11:30 to 13:30 HRS IST, I conducted "Python Programming Workshop" in SRM University as a part of "Aaruush'09" . I explained basics of python programming language and the advantages of using python over other languages, with some code demo.

We had audience from various colleges in and around Chennai. The session was interactive and I enjoyed a lot with the questions from the audience.

Thanks to Srinivasan T and Ravi Jaya who gave me an opportunity to conduct this workshop. My sincere thanks to Manipal lug where I got some content for my presentation.